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Green Beans

The foundation for our fine coffees starts here. Employing our over 25 years experience in selecting only the finest raw arabica coffee beans available from the producing countries around the world.

MarkAll told, there are over 40 countries situated between the borders of the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn that produce arabica coffee, the type used for making specialty coffee. Of these, only about 15 offer the taste distinctions and superior characteristics that we look for. Within some of these countries we have identified individual estates that offer superb quality. These small plantations as a result of their locations and extraordinary care taking produce coffee that is unparallel in flavor and quality and simply cannot be matched by the larger institutionalized plantations. Two such examples are the Bella Carmona estate in the Antigua region of Guatemala and the Custepec estate in the Chiappas region of Mexico whose coffee we stock year round.

In addition, from within the countries whose coffee we carry there are variations. We keep in stock over 30 types, which include a wonderful selection of Organic, Shade Grown and Swiss Water Decaffeinated coffees.

Raw coffee beans (green beans) are actually the seed found in the pit of a coffee cherry. The producing country, using either a dry or wet method, strips away the fruit, mills out the center bean, grades for size and defects and finally bags them for export.

Only the highest specialty grades, those uniform in size and nearly free of defects or unripe beans, are considered for selection. From within only the best quality lots will our expert cupper and roastmaster, Mark Micheletti, evaluate the different origins taking into account each bean’s individual qualities of character, flavor, aroma and body. Only those beans that meet his high standards are purchased ensuring that the coffee we bring to you consistently provides a superior taste experience.


The next critical step in producing a superior cup of coffee.

BlendingMany factors affect the final outcome of the roast. While bean selection is a very important beginning, what origin percentages are used in a blend as well as batch weight is another important factor to achieve a well-defined end. A very small variance will affect the roasting process and flavor.

Therefore each roast is carefully weighed adhering to strict blend formulas. Our custom roaster can be calibrated to roast in batches from 50 to 150 pounds. Whether a small or large batch is required, the blend ratios are maintained to ensure consistent taste. Eight of our higher volume varieties are staged in the hoppers shown to facilitate this process. The raw beans are dispensed into a trolley scale that moves along rails allowing for quick and accurate batches. From there the beans are elevated via a conveyor to the charging bin of the roaster ready for the next roast.


RoasterOur hot air Sivetz roaster has been fine-tuned and customized to ensure the best quality in each batch we produce. More on this stage of the process is still being written, so check back soon for the full story!

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